Bitcoin and Digital Currencies

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Bitcoin and Digital Currencies Title: Bitcoin and Digital Currencies
Author: James Cox
Publisher: 2013-07-24
Format: Online PDF (98 pages, 1MB)
Language: English
ISBN-10: B00E50F12I

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You have some doubts about the financial system of our present and excited about Bitcoin. You almost certainly have a lurking suspicion that somehow there is something wrong with your relationship with ‘ money. “You realize that ‘ money ‘ somehow became Master of you, drinking more of your time than you want to. This is the reason why the contents of the book will come as a bit of a surprise to many people.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. What Is Money? Debt and Credit, Hard and Soft Money, and Power
Chapter 2. History of Money: Tribes, Ancient Times, and the Medieval Era
Chapter 3. History of Money: Central Banking and Fiat Money
Chapter 4. History of Money: The Gold Standard
Chapter 5. History of Money: Hyperinflation
Chapter 6. History of Money: Gold Wars in the Twentieth Century
Chapter 7. We Owe How Much? Our Debt Crisis: Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, Derivatives, and the Great Financial Crisis
Chapter 8. What Is Bitcoin?
Chapter 9. The Bitcoin Economy
Chapter 10. Bitcoin¡¯s Asymptotic Supply vs. Fiat¡¯s Exponential Inflation
Chapter 11. Bitcoin as an Investment
Chapter 12. Work, Society, the Environment, and Bitcoin¡¯s Deflation vs. Fiat¡¯s Inflation: The Reverse Situation
Chapter 13. Bitcoin vs. the Elites
Chapter 14. Bitcoin¡¯s Decentralization vs. Fiat¡¯s Centralization
Chapter 15. The Future of Digital Currency and the Death of Bitcoin 1.0

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