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Practical OpenCV Title: Practical OpenCV
Author: Samarth Brahmbhatt
Publisher: 2013-11-19
Format: Online PDF (244 pages, 13.8MB)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1430260793
ISBN-13: 9781430260790

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OpenCV is a practical project book that shows you how to get the best results from OpenCV, open source computer vision library.
What you will learn
The ins and outs of OpenCV on Windows and Linux
Switch and filter photos
Corner detection, edges, lines, and circles in pictures and video
Discovered objects before being trained in pictures and videos
Make your panoramas stitching photos together
Get in-depth information by using stereo cameras
Basic engineering
BONUS: Learn how to run the OpenCV on Raspberry Pi

Table of Contents

Part 1: Getting Comfortable
Chapter 1. Introduction to Computer Vision and OpenCV
Chapter 2. Setting up OpenCV on Your Computer
Chapter 3. CV Bling—OpenCV Inbuilt Demos
Chapter 4. Basic Operations on Images and GUI Windows

Part 2: Advanced Computer Vision Problems and Coding Them in OpenCV
Chapter 5. Image Filtering
Chapter 6. Shapes in Images
Chapter 7. Image Segmentation and Histograms
Chapter 8. Basic Machine Learning and Object Detection Based on Keypoints
Chapter 9. Affine and Perspective Transformations and Their Applications to Image Panoramas
Chapter 10. 3D Geometry and Stereo Vision
Chapter 11. Embedded Computer Vision: Running OpenCV Programs on the Raspberry Pi

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